Freshers Fair – Wednesday 24th September 2015

14th July 2014

Put this in your diary: FRESHERS FAIR

Wednesday 24th September 2015

Freshers Fair!

Freshers Fair!

It’s the summer holiday mix!

14th July 2014

It’s July, term is OVER, and we’re heading into the holidays. It’s always two or three degrees warmer in Worthing than most other places in the UK, so we’ll be enjoying the sun and posting up an eclectic mix of new mixes from next September’s new Music Business Degree students, together with a selection from the year’s best shows for your listening pleasure.

Next stop, Freshers Fair in September!

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By the way, did you know NSR sponsors Northbrook College’s own racing car?

NSR's racing car

Check out Northbrook College’s RACING CAR as sponsored by NSR!

Has your uni got a racing car? Or 30 recording studios?


If it’s one of the private ones, they probably spend your tutorial fees on advertising instead.

It’s the Worthing Arts Trail take over!!!

14th June 2014

From Saturday 14th to the end of June, NSR is joining forces with Worthing Arts Trail to bring you some unique programming. We are featuring both music by local artists and interviews with the WAT artists and venues. Sponsored by Winkworth, this month’s NSR is accessible in the usual way through Tune In Radio and in many of the Worthing Art Trail venues.

We’re streaming live tonight on Ustream!

27th May 2014

Tonight’s New Artists gig at Northbrook Theatre just started streaming live on (normal programming continues on Enjoy!

We are now on Tune In Radio!

3rd April 2014

We are proud to announce that NSRfm is NOW available on Tune In Radio

This means no more fiddly downloading a file to listen to our amazing radio shows!

Simply visit and listen online,

OR visit Tune In Radio and download the FREE app for your IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry mobile, and once again, hear us on the move, in the car, wherever you are!

Tune In Radio

So we’re not just in the Worthing area any more!

And we’re back!

31st March 2014

Service is resumed! Enjoy the tunes on this last day of March 2014.

Uh-oh, server down for the weekend…

29th March 2014

Looks like the server is having a nervy B this weekend. Sorry, we’ll get it fixed when we get into college on Monday morning!

It’s Our Last Day on 87.7 (but come over to us on, it’s lovely!)

17th March 2014

At 8.30pm Worthing time this evening, we’ll be turning off the transmitter and moving over to just

But we’ll be back!

We just need to save up for that pesky licence, but in the meantime we will continue to serve the diverse listening needs of young Worthing and the world with our web service. Shows we have invented and honed will continue and develop.

In August we invite Worthing Arts Trail to take over NSR for three weeks and we’ll be pouring out of the speakers in every venue and every home taking part.

Let the music and the coolness continue!

We are ON THE AIR across the Worthing area on 87.7fm!

3rd March 2014

At last we are on air! We are hearing back from people all over Sussex picking up the cool tunes and talk. Send us a Tweet on @nsrfm to tell us where you can hear us!

Print this out and put it in your window!

2nd March 2014

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